'Her Choice' by Lirisha Tuladhar

Painting From #AbortTheStigma campaign by For Youth Initiative Kuala Lumpur

She felt tears pour her pretty face She felt her heart calming down She could feel her nerves staying put She could feel her mind no more going numb.. She was alright... All safe and fine On the white sheets of the bed Lying .. staring.. remembering ... The choice she made for herself and her future Despite the fear.. confusion and pain

She felt that bump flattened on her tummy surface Tears streamed her eyes.. finally she had aborted.. Safe and sound her health is now.. Everything went out smooth and sorted No more fear to have the burden of worry about her future No more hardships from society to take the blame of defaming their culture A single mother.. not a prestigious title at her home They wouldn't understand the choice for not aborting Had she taken to keep the child and raise it alone.. She thus made her choice, a choice of independency A choice she could cherish with plans for her future pathway A choice she was glad to make accepting the challenges ahead that lay A choice she judged with her situation at hand A choice she believes she took with intelligence and mind She thinks, she analyses her choice For now its her career that matters.. It isnt time for a family yet- one she could take care of It isnt what she wants to keep convincing her family for- a position of single mother she could have been She felt her choice was right- her decision of safe abortion the best She is safe and alright now Starting a new life - fresh again

Lirisha Tuladhar is an SRHR and safe abortion rights activist from Nepal and also a part of our Country Advocacy Network Youth Led SRHR Inititative (YoSHAN)

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